Exciting Eco Evolution

We've been working hard at Slàinteach to put our principles into practice. It's not always easy starting out as a new family business to create your ideal business model, and to put into place all of your aspirations at once.  However, we have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to come up with a plan that we are really proud of, for the future of our business and the impact we have on the environment.

Now we have our roots firmly established, we're able to announce that we've got exciting new developments happening that prioritise the Planet before Profit and put us one step closer to becoming a totally sustainable business.

Here's a taste of what is to come...

NEXT MONTH- We are really delighted to finally have sourced a 100% biodegradable packaging that works with our loose teas.  This is something we've been trying to find for a long time, and we have such a great feeling to be able to finally offer a product that is 100% eco-friendly.  Look out for images of our new packaging, coming soon on Social Media, (and let us know what you think! Your feedback is important to us!)

HERBAL REVOLUTION- We are even more ecstatic that we've been working with Organic growers in Scotland to secure a local and sustainable source of raw herbal ingredients that are guaranteed and certified Organic, and Scottish.  In the coming year, we will not only be able to guarantee that all our traditional tea blends are 100% Scottish, but we will reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain, as well as support small independent Organic growers.  We firmly believe that the future sustainability of the planet depends on small-scale organic farming, and so we have been working to create a network of Indy Organic farmers to supply our products.  We're certain this will provide excellent quality teas that are ethically sourced and can be merrily sipped with a clean conscience.  More coming on our suppliers soon, so watch this space, as we'll be introducing you to our growers and the source of our herbs, very soon! 

ZERO PLASTIC- We're committed more than ever to reducing the waste and impact our business has on the planet.  So from this point onwards, we'll be saying goodbye to all plastics... for good! 

We hope you will be as happy as we are to know that Slàinteach products support not only the health of our customers, but the health of our planet and also our communities.

We'll drink to that!!

Slàinte leat! 


Claire Marcello