Calm Tea (Calming blend for moments of pressure)

Calm Tea (Calming blend for moments of pressure)


Perfectly balanced blend of Chamomile with Lavender to delight the senses and ease any troubles.  As a herbalist, Claire has found over time that many people find chamomile a little harsh on its own, and often complain of reflux after drinking it (to be honest, we think this is down to poor quality chamomile tea-bags that flood the marketplace, but...) to remedy this, we find a touch of lavender brings a beautiful sweetness and synergy effect to the blend, that truly does bring with it a deep sense of calm.

This blend is sweet enough to drink alone, but some like to add a splash of milk or rice-milk.  It can be diluted and given to children too (without allergies to either plant of course) and in our experience is very settling wih young ones too.

Drink it before bed if you like for a good night's sleep, but it won't make you drowsy, so if you want to stay stress-free, we also recommend you drink this tea all day long if you so desire!  Enjoy!


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