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                   Slàinteach    (gaelic)                                        

                                              adj. In good health



Slàinteach teas are hand-blended, organically sourced, native medicinal herbs of the Scottish highlands. At the heart of everything we do is a respect for tradition and the natural world around us. Each blend has been created deep in the highlands of Scotland by a medical herbalist, inspired by the indigenous use of wild-plants as beverages for wellbeing. It is our hope to inspire a revolution among tea-drinkers, and to spark the revival of using native wild herbs as beverages, which played a vital part in supporting the health & wellbeing of our ancestors.  

With every cup of our tea, we hope to demonstrate an ethical and more sustainable way of life.  We hope you will join us in our quest, not only to drink better tea, but to make the world a better place by doing so.  (we'll toast to that!)

Slàinte leat!


Our ingredients have stood the test of time and are testimony to the wisdom of our gaelic predecessors. Be it the mountainside, moorland, heathland or deer forest, there is a plethora of medicinal wild herbs, waiting to be plucked and placed in your teapot for a restorative brew.

Like our ancestors, we use all that is available to us from Nature's medicine cabinet.  Some of the native plants we use, are not commonplace today, however we hope our delightful blends will encourage more people to use what grows around them.



In Good Health!




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Meet the Maker



Claire MacKay is a qualified Medical Herbalist with a passion for the ethnobotany and traditional use of herbs in Highland culture.  She has recently worked as a consultant for the T.V series Outlander, and is currently working on a book Outlander Herbal for publication soon.

She is passionate about the use of native herbs, and the Gaelic origins of the herbal tradition in Scotland,  Her research is about bringing awareness to the Gaelic medical manuscripts, which played a large part in influencing the development of conventional medical systems on a global level.

Claire practices as a consultant herbalist on the Black Isle and Inverness, and lives with her husband Lucio, and son Luis in the seaside town of Cromarty.

Slàinteach is a family business, and it is Claire's hope that by using these teas, people will gain an awareness of how to use the wild plants that grow around them, and how their ancestors used them.  Whether you are the diaspora, tracing your roots, or a Highlander, unaware of what to do with your 'weeds', the Slàinteach teas are about a taste of the past, and a flavour of the future.


For more information about Claire and her projects you may like to visit:

www.herbalheritage.co.uk (Herbal Heritage Scotland is an organisation dedicated to preserving the herbal medicine tradition of the Highlands)

www.highlandherbs.co.uk (This is a project of Herbal Heritage Scotland to create a Scot's Pharmacopoeia from the early Gaelic Medical manuscripts)

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